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Liliana Folta

Reimagining Our World

Reimagining Our World exhibition flyer

Exhibition Statement: The environmental crisis is multifactorial: consumerism, pollution, extreme weather, loss of biodiversity, and other catastrophes - too complex, too intertwined, but above all, too urgent. A collective problem that requires collective solutions. As individuals, we wonder, “How can I contribute to the solution?”

The featured eco-minded artists, members of i3C (Inspiring Change for the Climate Crisis) Artists Group and Guests, respond by working with rejected materials. They dare to reinvent the life of waste, transforming these society rejections into reminders of what we need to save.

Invited by Curators from i3C (Inspiring Change for the Climate Crisis) Adriana G. Prat and Martha Heller

Visiones de La Tierra

Visiones de La Tierra

In times of global biodiversity crisis, this exhibition brings together leading women artists from different corners of the world to inspire sustainable gardening and raise awareness about ecological issues. "Visiones de La Tierra" (Visions of the Earth) dialogues, using very diverse artistic languages, with the need to think about the complexity of planetary damage and demand possible alternatives.

The exhibition we present at the UCA is part of the "State of the Earth/State of the Emergency" project, initiated in Boston (Midway Gallery).

Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina - Buenos Aires Curators Liliana Folta and verónica Parselis

Geomorphic Foresights: Meditations on The Environmental Crisis

Geomorphic Foresights: Meditations on The Environmental Crisis

A two-woman show of paintings inspired by the severity and urgency of the environmental crisis, and its complex and ubiquitous manifestations. Artists and Independent Curators Liliana Folta and Adriana G. Prat share their lyrical recreations of Earth's topographies; worlds that are forced to morph and adapt, reminding us of what we need to change and fight for.

Opening reception: October 12th, 2023
from 4:30 to 6:30
Register here:

State of the Earth

"Pollinator's Menu" - Work by Liliana Folta - Installation detail - Graphic Credit: Mario Avila Design
"Pollinator's Menu" - Work by Liliana Folta - Installation detail - Graphic Credit: Mario Avila Design

August 29th to September 27th

Exhibition Opening Reception:
September 9th, from 4:30PM to 6:30PM
For more information go to:

Exhibition Statement:
This gathering of very talented women artists come together from different parts of the world to inspire and raise awareness of the biodiversity crisis.

The artists' works are inspired by the ecosystems of their homeland or by the places they chose to live. This exciting collective effort focuses on social, mental and environmental ecology, connecting human health with environmental and planetary health, increasing emotional resilience and adaptation to a healthier Earth; thus linking human and species rights. The aim of the artists is to create empathy and understanding about biodiversity fatigue through intercultural engagement and for the understanding of society on diminishing pollinators.

From a private garden in Brandenburg, Germany, the Álamos de la Vega in Granada, Spain, the mangroves of Puerto Rico, the Forest Park in Queens, New York, the southernmost country in America, Argentina, and to the inspiring native gardens of Massachussetts. This collection of works leads us to a context of spiritual communion with "La Pachamama" - The Female Goddess of the Earth and Fertility, a benign agricultural divinity conceived as the Mother who nurtures, protects and sustains humans and wildlife.

Artists: Violeta Vollmer - Consuelo Vallejo Delgado - Adriana G. Prat - Hebé García - Julia Csekö - Naoe Suzuki - Verónica Parselis (Verute) - Carmen Mojica Martínez - Fulgen Sabatier - Haley Johnson - Jesseca Ferguson - Jacqueline Herranz Brooks - Helen Papp - Megan MacDonell - Liliana Folta - Souther - Tina Chakarian - Kathleen Bitetti - Olga Shmuylovich - Hana Pegrimkova

The Non-Human Is Pushing Back

"I am the Observer and Nature Is My Teacher" Installation
"I am the Observe and Nature Is My Teacher" - Installation

i3C (Inspiring Change for the Climate Crisis) presents "The Non-Human is Pushing Back" at the Piano Craft Gallery.

Co-curated by Jeffrey Nowlin, Adriana G. Prat and Michaela morse with the artwork of i3C Artists and guests. Exhibition: September 1st to the 17th 2023 - Opening Reception: September 1st, 6-8PM.

Curatorial Statement: Wildfires, floods, heat waves, mass species decline: there are countless indicators that the biosphere is pushing back against humans' activities and consumption of resources. How does any individual in the 21st century respond as they look at the environmental crisis that the elite Global North has created, but which every person must now contend with? i3C: The Non-Human is Pushing Back acknowledges that not all peoples have made equal contributions to the climate crisis. Without minimizing the need to hold unsustainable and unjust corporations and institutions accountable, this exhibition seeks to bear witness to the equalizing forces that are making themselves louder across the Earth and calling humans as a colletive species to realign our relationships with every entity outside of ourselves.

It is the assertion of the i3C Artists that ecologically-engaged artworks can aid a broader public in relating to the world in a less human-centered way. By challenging our species' material legacy in an era of disposable goods, many of the works in this exhibition call for the flow of waste to be interrupted while simultaneously exploring the value of what has already been discarded. Several artists call on methodologies aligned with field research, social advocacy and creative pedagogies to collaborate with their selected materials and position these entities to present their own stories. Through nostalgic appeals within familiar landscapes, still other artworks ask us to recognize analogous realities playing out worldwide and reconcile our alignment to these cascading timelines.

As contemporary environmental art invites us to see everything as our ally, we become aware that the survival of our own species is dependent on the biosphere maintaining a balance. Our relationship to consuming resources changes, and in turn the negative impacts of human activity on the planet are reduced. The works of i3C: The Non-Human is Pushing Back offer viewers an opportunity to envision a more harmonious exchange between the human and non-human. In entering into such an allyship, our species is positioned to take action and work towards a truly global vision of ecological justice.

i3C Artists: Steve Bennett, Sarah Meyers Brent, Maria Celeste Linardi, Cedric Harper, Martha Heller, Muriel Horvath, C. J. Lori, Michelle Lougee, Rebecca McGee Tuck, Shelby Meyerhoff, Michaela Morse (Curator), Carol Moses, Jeffrey Nowlin (Curator), Paula Pitman Brown, Adriana G. Prat (Curator), Luna Sconty, Yulia Shtern. Guest artists: Susan Altman, Elizabeth Awalt, Lisa Barthelson, Ivana Damien George, Liliana Folta.

"Reflections: Listening to Nature" - Earth Month

"Antártica Tormentosa" - acrylic and recycled chocolate foil on paper - 18"H x 24" - 2021

"Antártica Tormentosa" - acrylic and recycled chocolate foil on paper - 18"H x 24" - 2021

The Umbrella Art Center, Concord MA. - April 5th - 23rd, 2023.

Nature is full of reflections produced by light, water and rocks. Often it is the quality of light on a surface, of a saturated color, or the whispers of a breeze that invite moments of personal reflection.

Art, often alluded to as a universal language, can serve as a bridge between the harsh reality of climate change and the emotions we need to feel in order to act. How has this crisis influenced the way we relate to the natural world? When we tune our senses to our local ecosystem, what can we learn? - TUAC

I conceptualize this work imagining a moment before a melting glacier. Global warming is a fact and according to the UNESCO report, many glaciers in World Heritage Sites will disappear by 2050.

Spoke Gallery, Boston - Solo exhibition

Flyer for exhibition I am the observer and nature is my teacher

Spoke Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition by Liliana Folta entitled, "I Am the Observer and Nature is My Teacher". Exhibition dates are September 12th to October 22nd, 2022. Reception is Wednesday, September 14th 6 to 8pm and the hybrid Gallery talk Wednesday September 14th 7pm. The gallery and both events are free and open to the public. Regular gallery hours are Wednesdays – Fridays 12 to 5pm.

Saturdays by appointment (For a Saturday appointment email at least two days in advance). In October, there will be a free evening Zoom panel that will discuss the importance of and how to support native plants in the ecosystem. Panelists, Date and Time TBA.

For her solo show, Folta is debuting her new site-specific installation that features 12 of her circular shaped mixed media works. She creates these works by reusing “materials, such as recycled glass, chocolate paper, genuine stones, handmade ceramic from previous projects and found objects. The works are painted with acrylic on paper and mounted on wood.” These new works feature images of North American native plants, native pollinators, and/or native birds.

Curator: Kathleen Bitetti

The Danforth Art Museum Juried Exhibition 2022 Framingham Massachusetts

The Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition 2022

The Danforth Annual Juried Exhibition features some of the best artistic talent in New England in a showcase of diverse mediums and exceptional skills. Seventy-two artists are on view. All selected works are included in a digital catalog which will be published on our website Saturday, June 25.

The exhibition is on view from June 25 through September 18, 2022, and opens with a members-only opening reception held at the Museum on Saturday, June 25 from 6-8 PM.


"Geranium maculatum" (Wild geranium) - acrylic and mixed media on paper - 16" x 20" - 2021

"Be the Change" - Video collaboration exhibit of native flower paintings at Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Simultaneous exhibition of the original works on paper at Ames Gallery - Opening reception on April 22nd. 2022 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. - 282 Central St. Acton, MA.

89 Midway Studios Art Talk

89 Midway Studios Artist Talk

Live on Zoom to meet the Midway alumna, multidisciplinary artist Liliana Folta, and hear how her recent sojourn in Berlin, Germany gave her a different perspective of the art world.

Artist Studios Open House

Gaillardia aristata (Blanket flower) - acrylic on paper - 16" x 20"

Gaillardia aristata (Blanket flower) - acrylic on paper - 16" x 20"

November 13th. 2021 Open House tour at Midway Studios. 15 Channel Center St. Boston

Works on paper made during my stay in Berlin, Germany. A new project on the native plants of Northeastern America to raise awareness about the importance of planting native plants for pollinators.

My Octopus Teacher Inspiration

My Octopus Teacher Inspiration - Online Exhibition with Woart

Online Group Exhibition presented by WoArt featuring artists from across the United States. August 20 to September 20, 2021.

“Environmental Disturbance" - Ceramic & mixed media -12“ Dim x 4“ D -2015" I am exploring the reactions of fauna and flora on land and in the ocean, in response to human behavior towards nature.

Change is in the Air - Earth Month Exhibition

Painting of The Sentinel

February 15 - April 26, 2021 Change is in the Air - Earth Month Exhibition

"The Umbrella Art Center is delighted to present the results of regional artists for this year's Earth Month Exhibition - and they responded brilliantly in so many different media, styles and genres it's...well, breath-taking! Air contains two things necessary to life: carbon dioxide and oxygen. In photosynthesis, green plants take carbon-dioxide and water and use the sun’s energy to make sugar and release oxygen. In respiration, sugars and oxygen from the air turn to carbon dioxide, water, and energy. Without air, whether by drowning, respiratory failure, or persistent oppression, we cannot live..."

To visit the Virtual Exhibition or to make an appointment click on the link:

United Nations 75 - Global Conversation 2020: 2nd Round Exhibition

Flyer for United Nations 75th Anniversary's Global Conversation 2020: 2nd Round Exhibition

Liliana Folta's installation "Antártida Nocturna" will be presented in the virtual exhibition addressing Climate Change.

Dec 1 at 7 PM – Dec 15 at 7 PM UTC

The United Nations' UN75, IKONO SPACE and F.99 are back with a new partner, Google Arts & Culture to proudly present the 2nd Round of 'Global Conversation 2020' - group art exhibition raising awareness of the most pressing issues confronting humanity.

In the 2nd Round, the committee reviewed over 465 artist submissions creating more than 2000+ artworks from around the world with only 99 artworks having been chosen by the UN75, Exhibition Committee and Chief Curator at F.99, Gilléad-Gaari Mziray from Washington D.C.

The exhibit addresses topics such as Police Brutality, Housing Crisis in the Modern Era, Extreme Poverty in Africa, Mental Health to Climate Change, Refugees, Human Rights and many more critical issues we face today.

USG Fabrizio Hochschild Video Message of Support for 'Global Conversation 2020' UN75 Art Exhibition:

The Rockefeller Center Flag Project

Formation / Deformation - acrylic and oil pen on canvas paper
"The Flag Project helped us usher in a new era of togetherness and human connection amidst a difficult time. We’re proud to fly these beautiful works of art for all to see, in the heart of New York" - Rockefeller Center. Open to the public from August 1 - 16, 2020.

Artist Statement:

I started this self-exploration project as a complete change from my early artworks which are well defined as surreal.

These lines are how I imagine my life now for what remains: simple, easy to walk and in harmony.

This image is one of 15 pieces of a wall installation called "Formation / Deformation".

During this process, I was immersed in happiness; being able to be more connected to my inner spirit, the center of my own universe.

These are purely observations. With these emotional components, I was dealing with my feelings in seeing the world today.

Then I realized that everything is connected; the green is the environment, the blue is the ocean and the clean sky, the purple is tranquility, the gold is possession and so on.

Society is constantly changing and so is our planet. We are exhausted and suffering and it is our responsibility to awaken our consciousness and become better citizens of the universe.

The flag design is 8 x 5 ft. and will be one of the 192 flagpoles that surround The Rink at The Rockefeller Center.

Wearable Art and the WOW Factor - Designers and Artists Group Exhibition

Wearable Art and the WOW Factor event flyer
“The Angel Guest” - handmade ceramic, glaze, repurposed fur, freshwater pearl and vintage metal flower. 8” H x 7” W x 4” D - 2019

Art Statement: This project makes reference to the climate crisis that is affecting the Planet today. I intend to highlight the fragility of the fauna and flora and I invite the audience to reflect on the importance of our environment.

I believe: Reduce - Repurpose - Recycle are the more viable initiative to take in our daily lives.

During my stay in Berlin for the past four years, my work focused on environmental topics with mixed media and recycled materials.

Berlin Science Week 2018 - Humboldt University of Berlin

Interior view of Thaer-Institut at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Main Exhibition Nov. 1-23
Ghost of the Seas II - Coral Reef Awareness
Ceramic & mixed media installation by Liliana Folta
Thaer-Building, Invalidenstr. 42 10115 (next door to Naturkundemuseum)
Vernissage: Nov. 1, 16:00h - 19:00h
Artist Talk: Nov. 2, 17:00h - 19:00h
Open Weekdays 8:00h - 20:00h

Fondation François Schneider Centre d'Art Contemporains - 'Contemporary Talents 2017' Finalists

Ghosts of the Seas, ceramic and mixed media installation

Ghosts of the Seas

ceramic and mixed media installation - 2017

Fondation François Schneider has selected Liliana Folta's installation "Ghosts of the Seas" as a finalist, among 41 other talented artists. These finalists were chosen from 1580 applications originating from 97 countries.

This installation brings awareness to the deteriorating conditions of coral reefs around the world, in part due to global climate change and water pollution stemming from human actions.

No Importa a Dónde Vayas, Recuerda de Dónde Eres

Flyers for solo exhibition at Argentinian Embassy in Berlin

Solo Exhibition: Argentinian Embassy, Berlin

Kleiststraße 23-24, 4. Etage - 10787 Berlin

Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 @ 18:30

Group Global 3000 Exhibition: Berlin 2016

Group Global 3000 Exhibition: Berlin 2016 flyer

In conjunction with Berlin Art Week 2016.



14th Berlin Open Air Gallery

14th Berlin Open Air Gallery 2016 flyer

Stand #46

Women to Women, Island to Island: A Dialogue

Women to Women, Island to Island A Dialogue event flyer

Fort Point Spring Open Studios 2015

Fort Point Spring Open Studios 2015 flyer

I will be relocating my new studio in Berlin in the Fall. You are cordially invited to my last Spring Open Studios in Fort Point.

May 15th: Friday preview 4-7 PM

May 16th-17th: Saturday and Sunday 12-5 PM

Midway Artist Studios

Artist Voices: Q&A with Liliana Folta

New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) has published an interview with Liliana Folta about her recent public art installation for Fort Point, Boston. Written by program coordinator at NEFA, Summer Confuorto.

Read more here.

Flower Blanket, the Farewell to Summer

Outdoor installation view of Flower Blanket, the Farewell to Summer

This three part installation at FPAC's new Made in Fort Point Store at 315 A Street includes a "Flower Blanket" on the backside of the building, along the Boston Haul Road. Made from multicolored, recycled materials and solar powered LED lighting. Visible by day and night, the installation also includes two flower paper and mixed media installations inside MIFP's display windows.

Sponsored by New England Foundation for the Arts.

LOCATION: 315 A Street, rear, on Boston Wharf Road - Until November 7th 2014


02127 | 02210 Group Exhibition @ Spoke Gallery

02127 | 02210 Group Exhibition 2014 flyer

Midway Spring Open Studios 2014 - Boston

Midway Spring Open Studios 2014 flyer

Cluj - Napoca International Ceramics Biennale - Romania 2013

Cluj - Napoca International Ceramics Biennale 2013 flyer

Upcoming Open Studios 2013

Fort Point Open Studios 2013 flyer
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