Visual Artist

Liliana Folta

"Meadows - The Gardening Revolution"
Repurposed textiles, vintage metal flowers, handmade ceramic, semi precious stones, yarn and wire - 34"H x 68"W - 2021

The Danforth Art Museum Juried Exhibition 2022 Framingham Massachusetts.

During the spring of 2021 I was inspired by an organization that makes meadows for biodiversity. I joined the opportunity to research and learn about the importance of planting native plants and trees for pollinators, so they can continue the natural process of the ecosystem.

There is an urgency to this practice and I want to be part of a better future by challenging city parks, private gardens and the next generations to practice sustainable gardening.

Exotic plants sold in nurseries do not support pollinator diversity. Habitat loss, climate change, toxic pesticides and disease are major drivers of the decline of living organisms; bees, butterflies, other insects and birds are endangered, declining in numbers and have an unpredictable future.

Green grounds of corporate buildings, university campuses and churches, for example, can be transformed within meadows. Mega green yards, as neat as they may look, do nothing to help the ecosystem, as most are maintained with pesticides.

The native flower paintings are in acrylic on paper and are available for limited edition printing of 250 - size 16” x 20” on acid-free German paper upon request.